Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hospital Visit/ Leprosy Colony & Neighborhood Photos

Kids loved to have their photo taken and to be able
to see it on the LCD display afterwards. They kept
following me so I would take more photos of them!

X-Ray Room/Table

Cast Room

One of the things we were advised to see while we were in Addis was the Leprosy Colony. The director seemed to misunderstand us a bit, so before we actually went to the Leprosy Colony part of the hospital grounds, we got a little tour of part of the hospital itself. This hospital is the most preferred hospital in Addis Ababa. Notice how old all of their equipment is. It really felt like stepping back in time. One of the things they were most proud of was an old exercise bike that was used for physical therapy. The bike looked like the exercise bike my mom had when I was in college (20+years ago). I kept thinking to myself, "I have two practically brand new pieces of exercise equipment in my home...and don't even use them half the time. How wasteful and spoiled I am as an American".

The leprosy compound was amazing! Many of the people who live there have few or no fingers and do intricate weaving and needlework. Items are for sale in the shop, however, the shop was not open the day that we visited. The man who is rope weaving on the ground, had no fingers at all. When our driver, Kitus, asked him if I could take a photo, he said that I could if I promise to bring a copy of it back for him the next time I visit. How sweet it that? I hope I can live up to that promise!!

Leprosy Handicraft Area (Original Hospital Building)

After we got back to the Guest House and Amelia was napping, we took a walk with Girba (the gatekeeper/bodygaurd) to the supermarket. Below are some of the things we saw.

Goats right outside of our guest house. There were about 20 of them grazing all day. This is very typical all over the city. Not quite sure how each farmer knows which animals are his, but somehow they must be marked...and how they keep them all together and don't get hit by traffic is beyond me. Risky farming!

More animals in the streets.

The ice cream truck/shipment was dropped off while we were at the supermarket. Must have known that there were Fidlin boys shopping.

A taste of home....mmmmm!

Shelves in the supermarket. Lots of familiar things and some not so familiar.

Store workers.

Primary School gate...right around the block from us.

Street behind our guest house. Typical neighborhood.
Matress store...The Sleep Shop??
Tire store (just pull over and they will fill your tire or put a new one on).

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