Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Church of the Holy Trinity and Live Lion Zoo

Today, our driver, Kitus, took us and the director of Better Futures (ET) to The Church of the Holy Trinity. The church was founded by Emperor Menelik II soon after he moved his imperial capital from Mt. Entoto to Addis Ababa. The original church, built of wood with intricate carvings, was constructed with the help of artists from India. Located close to the Imperial Palace, it was frequently visited by the royal family.

The church was made the burial ground for those who fought against the Italians both inside the country and in exile. No other persons, other than high clergy, are allowed to be buried on the grounds of the Cathedral itself (although there are a public cemetery and a public masoleum behind it). Emperor Haile Selassie built a mausoleum for his family in the crypt under the Cathedral, and the Imperial family continue to use it as their tomb.

Trinity Cathedral has been the site of many great church and state ceremonies, including the enthronements of the Patriarchs of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and the consecration of all Archbishops and Bishops.

Noah and I with our driver, and friend, Kitus.

After the tour of the church, we went to the Live Lion Zoo. Wow! The Animal Rights people and OSHA would have a field day there!! We could literally get close enough to touch the lions. There was a little amusement park next door as well as a coffee/soda shop. After our visit, we treated Kitus and the director to a cold Pepsi.

We arrived back at the Guest House and were greeted by a table of traditional Ethiopian food; Injeera and Wat, followed by an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. M-m-m-m!!
The roll that looks like a napkin in the top left corner is injeera bread, which is a sour dough, spongy type of bread. The bowls, from left to right are Chicken Stew (Doro Wat), another Stew (lamb?), lentils and Tibs (sauteed vegetables). To eat, you tear off a piece of bread and scoop up food with it, to eat it. Traditionally, no utensils are used.

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