Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve!

Steve's birthday was today. We had a great dinner, followed by an ice cream cake, of course. Notice the candles....4-1=3 and the 9 makes 39! Couldn't find the right numbers, but it worked! Emma looks pretty serious about this whole birthday cake/candle thing. She loved the ice cream though!

We love you Steve!! Happy Birthday!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Emnma Bug

One more photo to share....Emma in her ladybug dress all ready for church. Complete with a scarf...or hat, as she calls it.

Who Moved My Cheese?

Emma has suddenly become a cheese lover, which is a good thing, in Wisconsin. Recently, I gave her a slice of cheddar cheese and later discovered her "safe keeping spot" for it. She stuck it to the oven door to save for later!

Ling Doll Mystery

Ok...so, I wanted to get Emma the talking Ling doll for Easter. I was so excited to buy this for her, as is says about 30 phrases in both English and Mandarin Chinese. However, it is rather pricey. Originally, I wanted to order it from Toys R Us, as someone on the FKI site mentioned they were clearanced out. Well, they ended up discontinuing them, so I kept watching various sites and one day, I came across a free shipping deal if I ordered it from Target. So, I ordered the doll on March 12th and figured it would get here in plenty of time for Easter. I kept getting e-mails telling me that it was on back order and the delivery date would be later than the original date they gave me. Meanwhile, Easter Sunday came and went and the following Sunday I got an e-mail from Target letting me know that the doll would be delivered between June....yes, JUNE, 2nd-6th and if I wanted to cancel the order, I could. So, I opted to cancel it and ordered the doll through China Sprout instead.

China Sprout gave me a delivery date of April 4th. So, Thursday came and I was really excited when the UPS truck pulled up....finally, the Ling doll for Emma! Well, up walks the UPS guy with two (2) boxes. One was marked China Sprout and the other was marked with a return address of "Paul" at Global Shipping (out of WA).

I opened the box from China Sprout first. There was cute little Ling, all ready to speak Mandarin to us! Low and behold, I pushed the button and little Ling said a few phrases and then all I could hear is "RrrrrrrrrrrRRrrrrrrrr"....gone....Nice...eh? Next, I opened the box from Global Shipping....Ling #2!! Surely she would have some words for us! Pushed her button and she would only say two of the thirty phrases. Great.....this must be some sort of joke. Well, after a few battery changes, we were able to get one of the dolls working, but now I am left with a second doll that does not work and I have no clue who it came from.

The box was not marked with a Target label anywhere....and I even called to Target and they assured me that the order had been canceled and no doll had been shipped from them. So, I decided to call "Paul" from Global Shipping (the phone number listed next to the return address). I think that this is a truking company of some sort. The men I spoke with must have thought I was a nut case....they kept putting me on hold and trying to help figure out the mystery. Finally, they put me in touch with "a guy named Paul" that works there and even he had no idea why their address would have been on my box.

So...the defective Ling doll sits in a box in my mudroom and the mystery continues. Meanwhile, the talking Ling sits on Emma's dresser as Emma could really care less about the doll. She'd rather play with her little 1 inch baby from the My Loving Family dollhouse that her cousins handed down to her!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kenson is 1!!

My little nephew, Kenson, turns one on April 11th. We celebrated today. He's such a cute little guy. He has a lot to put up with, being the youngest of three kids ages 5 and under!! But, he handles it well....currently, the "blood curdling" screaming works well. It cracks us up!! He also is known to be a human "dust buster", army crawling under the table after meals and cleaning up after the rest of the family! Too funny!! Happy Birthday little guy!! We love you!