Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First Snow

Here are some photos of the first snow this winter. We were supposed to get a "dusting" on Sunday night, but ended up with about 3 inches when all was said and done. The boys were so excited to get home from school and play in it. Emma had fun helping me shovel the driveway while the boys played with the neigbor kids.

Kyra Turns 6!!

My neice, Kyra, turned 6 on November 18th. We celebrated the weekend before her birthday. The big birthday treat this year was getting her ears pierced. What a big girl she's growing up to be. She and Caleb have big plans to become pilot missionaries when they grow up. It will be

awesome to see how God works in their lives!! Happy 6th Birthday Kyra. We love you lots!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Handsome Prince

Here is a photo of my handsome prince on Halloween. Aren't their costumes great? And that horse....a strong and noble looking one indeed!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cut My Pumpkin!

I thought we could slip one past Emma and just carve the boys pumpkins this year...aparantly not. Emma decided on Halloween night that we should "Cut my pumpkin". She looks so serious about it, too!

Trick or Treat!

Steve had clients in on Halloween this year, so he had to be a "brave one" and join in on the fun at work. Usually, he avoids it like the plague. Not his thing. The idea his group of teams came up with was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs...and guess who got to be the Handsome Prince?? Doesn't he look great?

The boys dressed as Star Wars characters and since I wasn't really planning on having Emma trick or treat, but decided on it at the last minute, we borrowed a costume from my sister and Emma went as a duck. I originally thought Emma wouldn't make it too far, as it is usually so cold, but it was in the 60's yesterday, so she made it down our long street and all the way around the other side of the block...which took us about an hour and a half. She was quite the trooper, especially considering she did not nap yesterday. She spent two hours singing and rocking her panda instead of sleeping!

Here are the totals:

4 Milky Ways, 1 Take 5, 1 100 Grand, 9 Kit Kats, 8 Smarties, 7 Miscellaneous Chocolates, 4 Fruit Snacks, 4 Skittles, 8 Twix Bars, 3 Milk Duds, 1 Starburst, 2 Laffy Taffies, 3 Licorices, 2 Almond Joys, 3 bags of Pretzels, 22 Suckers, 5 Whoppers, 2 High School Musical Gummies, 4 3 Musketeers, 3 PB Kisses, 3 Sour Patch Candies, 19 Tootsie Rolls, 4 Crunch Bars, 4 Jolly Ranchers, 8 PB Cups, 5 Butterfingers, 5 Bubble Gums, 5 Snickers, 1 Nerds, 1 Dots, 1 Hannah Montanna Candy Bracelet, 25 M&M's, 3 erasers, 3 pencils, 1 bag of Cheetohs, 1 bag of Sunchips, 1 popcorn ball, 1 Now & Later, 2 boxes of Candy Sticks, 1 Easter Egg filled with junk (who gives out Easter Eggs on Halloween) and 2 used Mc Donald's toys (odd??)

For a grand total of 193 treats for the Fidlins!!

Happy Halloween!!