Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hi! I'm Noah!

Hi! I'm Gina's son, Noah. I'm also Emma's brother. My Mom didn't get back since a long time. I like the animation on Ni Hau Ki Lan. It's sort of like Dora. I'd probably like Ki Lan more. Okay... I'm not a girl... but I like Ni Hau Ki Lan. Caleb, my brother, used to like Dora. (Maybe he still likes it!) LOL! He is probably more... not weird... crazy?

Thank you!

Noah :)


Seth said...

Hi Noah,

I hope that you got all the information from Seth that you needed for your missionary project in AWANA. Thank you for asking him, he was very honored to send you some information. Have a great weekend!

Amy Hood
Jadyn, Seth and Zac's Mom

Kathy Merkt said...

Thanks for updating the site Noah! We are looking forward to meeting you and your brother this summer. I know you will enjoy hanging with Bryce.

Kathy Merkt - Chloe's mom!